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Chinese Introduction

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Art humanity is a very important step in education now. It is the same important with study, reading the arts after all supply the fantastic food to our soul. Appreciating the art work is like reading a book, it is full of limitless languages, limitless wise thought. It produced different impression and idea naturally by different views.

“The campus of Chienkuo is like art museum “, this is the first impression given to people who enter the campus. All looking forward to the future, hopefully Chienkuo can be all beautiful inside, outside, not only in the campus, the other space can be artistic. Wishing this wonderful art can be spread to the whole world by Interne.

Software and activity are the most important things needed to have priority development at present, including make the Collections Halls in Chienkuo's website, issue the artistic academy periodical, plan art perform activity and artistic seminar , even establish the postgraduate school. We hope Chienkuo is not only the high-quality university, but also a special high-quality University of Science and Technology.

Education structure system in currently is becoming more and more important. In order to improve our country to the best in the world, Chienkuo Technology University cooperates with the policy for education. Not only wants science and technology in Chienkuo but also wants culture and arts in Chienkuo. We have established the Collections Halls in 2004, and would also raise and found the artistic research postgraduate in the future, in the hope of the all beautiful outstanding Technology University while reaching.

Chienkuo Collections Halls includes both “ Art Center ” and “ School History Collections Center “. The Art Center locates the first floor of the Chienkuo Library Complex building; it's a high level exhibition which has 950-square-meters. Many of local artist and nationwide famous painter invited to come here.

The school History Collection Center locates the 13th floor, more than 600-square-meters; show mainly that the history materials of the school and historical relic are collected.

Structured educational systems are currently becoming more and more important.
In order to improve Taiwan as one of the developed areas in the world, Chienkuo
Technology University operates with a strong education policy and not only embraces the
fields of science and technology but also the areas of culture and the arts. We established
the Collections Hall in 2005 and will also open an artistic research institute in the future,
this will enable us to move towards our goal of becoming an outstanding university of technology.
The Chienkuo Collection Hall includes both an “Art Center” and “School History
Collection Center”. The Art Center is located on the first floor of the Chienkuo Library
Complex Building, a high level exhibition covering an area of 950 square meters.
Many local artists and famous painters have been invited to view our exhibitions.
The School History Collection Center is located on the 13th floor and covers
an area greater than 600 square meters. The exhibits include historical relics and pictures.


Art museum manager

Prof. Wen-jung Hsu

School regulations cultural relic center concurrently several arts center director

Kao Hsuan Jan


Arts center director

Vice Prof. Lin Chin Jing


Ms. Sunny, Yu-ju Lin